El ALBA-TCP: Origen y fruto del nuevo regionalismo latinoamericano y caribeño (The ALBA-TCP: Origins and fruits of the new Latin American and Caribbean regionalism)



Editors: Maribel Aponte García and Gloria Amézquita Puntiel

Language: Spanish

Year: 2015

Publisher: CLACSO

Available as a free download, or for order as a paperback at the publishers website 




El nuevo regionalismo estratégico: Los primeros diez años del ALBA-TCP  (The new strategic regionalism: The first ten years of the ALBA-TCP)


Author: Maribel Aponte Garcia

Language: Spanish

Year: 2014

Publisher: CLACSO

Available as a free download, or for order as a paperback at the publishers website 




Counter-Globalization and Socialism in the 21st Century:
The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America


Editor: Thomas Muhr   

Language: English

Year: 2013  

Publisher: Routledge

Book on Publisher’s Website
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Review by Laurence Goodchild in the International Journal of Cuban Studies available here

Review by William Carroll in the Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies available here


1. Introduction: The Enigma of Socialism (Thomas Muhr)
2. Twenty-first Century Socialism: A Political and Pedagogical Act. Some Keys to Understanding (Eduardo Leal Chacón)
3. Counter-Globalisation and a Revolutionary Politics of Place and Space: The Transnational Construction of the ALBA–TCP in Nicaragua, El Salvador and the United States of America (Thomas Muhr)
4. The ALBA–TCP Council of Social Movements: A Double-Turn in Counter-hegemony (Jennifer Martinez)
5. Rethinking Legitimacy in International Law: the ALBA–TCP’s Place for Justice (Mohsen Al Attar & Edward Miller
6. Cuban Socialism: Inspiration to the ALBA–TCP (Helen Yaffe)

7. The New Strategic Regionalism in the ALBA–TCP: Alternatives to the Food and Energy Crises (Maribel Aponte-García)
8. The SUCRE and the ALBA–TCP Monetary Union: Responses from the South to the Global Crisis (Antulio Rosales and Manuel Cerezal
9. Cultural Policy and 21st Century Socialism (Hazel Marsh)

10. Post-secularity and Political Hope in 21st Century Socialism (Lucia Michelutti)
11. The Politics of the Audiovisual Cultural Revolution in Latin America and the Caribbean (Libia Villazana)

12. From the Local to the Regional and Back: Bolivia’s Politics of Decolonizing Education in the Context of the ALBA–TCP (Mieke Lopes Cardozo and Jesse Strauss)
13. Global Struggles for Climate Justice and the ALBA–TCP Council of Social Movements: An Activist Perspective (Alice Cutler and Yasmine Brien)

The ALBA: Inside Venezuela’s Bolivarian Alliance


Author: Joel D. Hirst

Language: English   

Year: 2012  

 Publisher: InterAmerican Institute for Democracy

Authors Website






i. Introduction
ii. Acknowledgements
1. The ALBA Rears its Head
2. The ALBA in History
3. Socialism of the 21st Century
4. ALBA as a Trade Agreement?
5. ALBA, More than a Trade Agreement
6. ALBA: From Integration to Ideological Alliance
7. The ALBA in Their Own Words
8. Dictatorships of the 21st Century
9. The Infrastructure of the Bolivarian Alliance
10. How Does the ALBA Behave? A Venezuela Story
11. Nicaragua, Bolivia & Ecuador’s 21st Century Socialism
12. The ALBA, Iran & Terrorism
13. The ALBA as a Narco-Organization

Venezuela and the ALBA: Counter-Hegemony, Geographies of Integration and Development, and Higher Education For All


Author: Thomas Muhr

Language: English

Year: 2011

Publisher: VDM/Akademikerverlag

Book available via the publishers online shop







El rediseño de América Latina
ALCA, MERCOSUR y ALBA (The Redesign of Latin America: ALCA, MERCOSUR and ALBA)

El rediseno Katz 2006

Author: Claudio Katz

Language: Spanish

Year: 2006

Publisher: Ediciones Luxemburg

Book on Publishers Website

Book Review available here

3 thoughts on “Books

    • Thank you very much Maribel!

      Your previous papers published in the International Journal of Cuban Studies and elsewhere online have been very insightful, I’m sure the book is excellent too. Unfortunately I am unable to read Spanish, therefore lots of literature about the ALBA is not linked to on this website. If I put a section up on this page about your book, is it OK for me to link the pdf file that you have provided in this comment?

      Regards, Laurence Goodchild

  1. Dear Lauren, Congratulations on your work on making ALBA documents available. I deeply appreciate your kind words regarding my work. Yes, you can link the pdf file that I provided in my comment. CLACSO has a open access policy and documents are available through their virtual library and online bookstore. Thank you again, Maribel

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