In the sub-sections of our online bibliography you will find links to written material on the Bolivarian Alliance, which comes in a variety of formats and from a wide range of sources.

Within each sub-section (e.g “Academic Papers”) the content will be referenced in a Harvard referencing style, but in order to make sorting and filtering the references an easier task we will also provide all the information in a downloadable Excel workbook. This will mean that the references can be searched through using a variety of criteria (author, date, publication etc.) and organized in a manner which suits the user. 

Many articles we link to may appear behind paywalls (especially the case for academic publications). However if earlier working papers are freely available, or if a final copy has been uploaded by the author elsewhere, links to these will be provided.

We will strive to make the online bibliography as comprehensive as possible and also try to ensure that links remain updated. If there is something we have missed or a link is broken please contact us using the contact form below.

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