Magazine, Blog and News Articles

Aguirre, Jessica, Aldo Orellana, Jim Shultz and Anders Vang Nielsen (2009) A Latin American Presidents Summit Comes to Cochabamba. The Democracy Center. (includes article, video and slideshow) [Online: Here] [Accessed on 17/02/14]

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Birkett, Sheldon (2017) Venezuelan Turmoil Insinuates an Uncertain Future for ALBA. Council on Hemispheric Affairs [Online: Here][Accessed on 20/03/2019]

Boothroyd, Rachael (2012) ALBA Advances towards “Alternative Economic Model”, Pursues Anti-Imperialist Agenda. Venezuela Analysis [Online: Here] [Accessed on 20/08/13]

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Cole, Ken (2013) ALBA – The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America: Realising the dream of Jose Marti and Simon Bolivar. Cuba Si [Online: Here] [Accessed on 10/12/13]

Cusack, Asa (2015) ALBA: an important but poorly understood regional project. SPERI Comment [Online: Here] [Accessed on 08/04/2017]

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Fuentes, Federico (2013) Latin America’s Social Movements Map Solidarity With ALBA Alliance. Green Left Weekly. Issue 967 [Online: Here] [Accessed on 14/07/13]

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[Online: Here] [Accessed on 16/02/14]

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Ruben Aharonian, Aram (2005) TeleSUR, the Channel for Integration. CUBANOW. [Online Here] [Accessed on: 16/09/13]

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