the ALBA condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza

The ALBA has released a statement condemning the current Israeli military offensive against the Gaza strip, which has increased in intensity over the last week. Current reports estimate that over 160 Palestinians have been killed by the bombings, a significant majority of whom have been civilians, including many children. Within the statement the ALBA reiterates its “solidarity, support and sympathy” for the Palestinians against occupation, and expresses its wish to see the creation of an independent Palestinian state.


(Photo: Protestor waves a Palestinian flag during a solidarity rally held this week in Sydney, Australia. From Ali Martin and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0)

The statement follows the founding of a Venezuela – Palestine oil trade deal just weeks before, under which Palestine will receive oil at discounted rates in a similar fashion to the procedures of PetroCaribe.

Reports on the statement can be found from Press TV and Gulf Times

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